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I help you finally take charge of your hormones so you can stop feeling tired, bloated, crampy, and moody.

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My hormone questionnaire

Get to know your Hormones & Get to know your Body

Are you wondering whether your hormones are affecting how you feel in your skin? Take my quick questionnaire for a head start on understanding your hormonal health.

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The Better Periods Program

Learn exactly how your hormones work and what steps you can take to balance them so you can finally feel good in your body, and stop dreading that "time of the month".

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Hi, I'm Dr. Lewis!

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My Areas of clinical focus


These messengers in your body affect your period, mood, energy levels, and weight. Once you understand them, you can stop being a prisoner to all of these symptoms.


Your digestive system is foundational to the rest of your health, and when it functions poorly, it can affect your hormones, immune system, brain function, and energy levels.

Energy & Anxiety

When you have low energy levels or anxiety, you're less able to make healthy changes. Low energy means your body is functioning sub-optimally, and it's important to identify the cause.

"If you're always trying to be normal, you'll never know how amazing you can be."

Maya Angelou



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