Online Programs

If you are not an Ontario resident, or would like to learn more about hormonal health or other topics I teach on, my online programs are made to answer all of your questions and help you make changes yourself. 



Launching January 29th, 2024
Sign up by November 29th and take advantage of $50 OFF for our Black Friday SALE. Use code BETTERHEALTH50 at checkout!



Stop dreading the time of the month, turning into a crankier version of yourself, and experiencing debilitating cramps. 

If you're ready to enjoy your monthly cycle, register now!


What you'll learn: 

  • Decoding the Menstrual Cycle
  • What's Normal and What's Not 
  • Causes of Poor Periods
  • The Best Assessments and Lab Tests
  • How to Properly Track Signs & Symptoms


What you'll get:

  • My Better Periods Action Plan
  • Cycle Syncing Nutrition, Exercise, and Lifestyle Recommendations
  • Supplements, Herbs and Other ND Recommended Therapies for Better Periods
  • My Hacks for Better Periods 



From my friends...


Brought to you by One Elephant Integrative Health Team

Learn about:

  • Building healthy habits that are sustainable
  • The foundational areas of health, including mindset, nutrition, rest, brain health & stress resilience, creating strong relationships 

It's for you if:

  • You're looking to start making healthy life changes, but not sure where to begin

  • You're tired of going down the rabbit hole of health information, and want a reliable toolkit of resources to refer to

  • You're ready to marry mental and physical wellbeing in a simple framework that you can APPLY

  • You're looking for a refresher on the foundations you already know



Brought to you by Push Mama Care

Learn about:

  • Physical changes during pregnancy

  • The different stages involved in labour

  • Preparing for the hospital

  • Managing pain

  • Preparing for alternative outcomes

  • Post-partum recovery

  • Breastfeeding and pumping

  • Care and safety of your baby

It's for you if:

  • You're a pregnant mama looking to feel more confident and empowered in your pregnancy, labour, birth and beyond!